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Our workshops let you get to grips with a genuine vintage camera with the least possible effort for the greatest possible enjoyment. 

In the morning get familiar with your camera and spend time on a walking tour of the neighbourhood.    By the end of the day your photos will be ready.

Our 'Snapshots' class is for those who are completely new to film photography.  After a short introduction you will be able to take genuine film photographs.  Then we will develop the film and print your photos.

If you want to delve a bit deeper then 'Vintage Photography' gets you involved with loading, unloading and developing your images.

All our courses come with as much or as little supervision as you require to give you the most enjoyable experience.


Press the shutter and leave the rest to us.

Use one of the most commonly available cameras of the early 20th century.  Known as 'Box' cameras the most famous of them was the 'Brownie' made by the Eastman Kodak Company.  Other contenders included the 'Puck' by Thornton Pickard and the 'Ensign' by Butchers and Son, 

After a short introduction take the camera out and about then bring it back for us to produce the final pictures.  No fuss, no mess.

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Vintage Photography

Eperience the intricate world of Edwardian photography

Get a bit more involved

Start with a brand new film and learn how to handle it safely, even in daylight. Learn how using a vintage camera can still influence how you use a camera today.  After taking your pictures learn how to unload your film and prepare it for development.

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Museum Experience

There is no more appropriate venue to practice vintage photography than the Ulster Folk Museum at Cultra near Holywood.
Join us on exclusive dates, pick up your camera before exploring the village and surrounding farmlands packed with opportunities for that perfect vintage photo.

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Got Your Own Camera?

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The Perfect Setting

New Sale

Get it Photo Ready

If you have an old family camera in the cupboard or have bought one there is a chance that it might still be usable.  Let us test it and if the signs are good we will make it ready for use.

Note:  This is subject to the condition of the camera and to the availability of the type of film required.

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