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Find out how your (great)grandparents took photographs without a smartphone or even a digital camera.  We provide a genuine vintage camera with black and white film and show you how to use it.
Personal tuition is assured in small groups and interesting subjects are guaranteed by local sites and landmarks.
Your photographs are developed and printed, normally on the same day, and returned to you in hardcopy or digital format.

Photography may seem like a very common pastime, thanks largely to the advent of the smartphone, but a hundred years ago photography also saw a boom in popularity.  

In the earliest days of photography only those with a lot of free time and detailed knowledge of the varied and intricate processes could consistently deliver quality photographs.  This meant that most photographs of the time were taken by professional photographers.  It also meant that most photographs were of those with a high disposable income.  

As the twentieth century approached pioneers like George Eastman in the USA and others in Europe started making affordable and simple  cameras.  With the introduction of celluloid film there followed an explosion in the number of photographers and a change in the way cameras were used.


So now let us take you back to the days before digital sensors and automatic exposures.  Pick up a vintage camera, apply newfound insight and  visit a time when photography was being democratised for the first time.

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